About the company


"Galamart" is the place to find household items and manufactured goods. Unlike other stores selling household items, Galamart is conveniently located near the house! Household items, light bulbs, batteries and even construction tools can now easily be found, without spending half a day driving around and searching for a bucket and a MOP. Buy them next door!


In the Galamart stores you can find quality products for the lowest prices. The price tag in each store starts from 9 Rubles.

Since products are purchased in large batches, stores are able to get maximum discount from the manufacturers. Due to the low prices, the products quickly find a buyer and do not stay on the shelves for too long.

An increasing share of our partners are manufacturers from Russia. We work with these manufacturers directly, without intermediaries. Another reason why we can offer the most attractive prices in our stores.


Galamart allows customers to purchase the most necessary household goods at a price lower than supermarkets, department stores and specialized household stores. Sometimes you will find items even cheaper than the "Galamart price" on ordinary days!

The trademark feature of the Galamart stores are the season sales. While the trading network of supermarkets and hypermarkets tends to raise the price of goods with seasonal demand (garden tools in May or pans during carnival), during "Gallarta" on the contrary, the prices of these goods are reduced.

What products will be on sale today? Find out immediately on the website or on our social network pages. By the way, this is the moment to subscribe to our pages on Facebook and Vkontakte!


On the shelves of each Galamart store you can find around 7 000 items: tableware, automotive products, household chemicals, household goods, tools and more.

We are working to stay ahead of consumer demand, so you should always be able to find here what you need in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, hallway, balcony or loggia. And even more! One visit will already give you inspiration on how to transform the apartment to make it even cozier, more comfortable, warmer, and which household items need to be replaced.